How would your resume differ from the one I might create for myself?

To answer this question, I would like to present you with this set of 6 questions. I would like to encourage you to ask yourself these questions before creating your own resume:

  1. Do you know how to present your abilities and accomplishments in a way that will generate interviews?

  2. Are you sure you know which resume format would be the most beneficial in your case?

  3. Do you know why you shouldn't use a resume objective?

  4. Do you know what to use instead of a resume objective?

  5. Do you know how to capture the attention of the employer?

  6. Do you know how to set yourself apart from your competitors?

We are experts at all of the above and there is no question we will create a powerful resume for you.


What does it mean that you are all certified professional resume writers?

The certification means that we have the highest level of education in the field of professional resume writing.

As a Certified Professional Resume Writer, we are certified by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, the industry's premier association (located in St. Petersburg, Florida.)

In order to earn this credential, we were required to pass a multi-part examination, consisting of the development of the most effective career presentations (in the form of resumes and cover letters), career coaching questions and more.

Being certified also means that we are dedicated to advancing our career as Certified Professional Resume Writers by constantly educating ourselves on the latest and most effective ways of preparing resumes and conducting job searches and by attending professional career marketing conferences and workshops. This, in turn, guarantees that your resume and cover letter will be up-to-date and top-notch in quality.

What is the process?

In order to create the most effective resume possible, we want to give you time to think about the strategic questions we have for you. This is why we will e-mail you a Resume Questionnaire upon receipt of your order.

We used to conduct telephone interviews with clients to gather the necessary information but what we have found is that clients didn't like to be put on the spot by having to answer the tough questions we asked them over the phone. It turned out that the vast majority of clients like to have the time - with no pressure - to think about the thought-provoking questions we have in a Resume Questionnaire.

We feel that in order to be fair to clients and in order to produce the highest quality resume possible, we need to give you the time and let you really think about the questions before answering them. Some of the questions we have in the Resume Questionnaire are questions you might not have ever thought of regarding your career background! A little bit of contemplation will be definitely worth it!!

How long does it take to receive my completed resume and cover letter and do I get to ask for revisions?

Once we have all the information gathered from you, it will take us 4-5 business days to create the first draft of the resume and cover letter. We will then present these to you via e-mail. At this point, you will have a chance to review them and to let us know if you have any minor changes or additions.

How will you manage to hide the fact that I don't have any experience in the field I am attempting to enter?

That's a very good question and one that we deal with on a daily basis.

Are you sure you don't have any experience in the work you are interested in?

The majority of our career changing clients only think in terms of "paid" experiences when in fact, unpaid / volunteer experiences also count.

In your resume, we will give you full credit for all your work experiences, NOT just

the ones you got paid for:

...skills you used as a volunteer

...extra work you did on the job

...projects you did on your own

...relevant knowledge and skills you gained in any way.

The key here is to give you credit for only those work experiences that are relevant to the position you are now seeking.